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Tham gia “Vietnamese good & Tourism week in Thailand 2018”

4 ngày tại Thái Lan

TASS Training and Events Tass Vnu hân hạnh là một trong những đại sứ giới thiệu du lịch Việt Nam tại Thái Lan.
Proud to be a representative for Vietnam tourism in “Vietnamese good & Tourism week in Thailand 2018”.

❤ 5 days only! The ONLY CHANCE YOU WILL MEET 9 highlights from Vietnam.
❤ All the beautiful places you would like to see in your own eyes for once with a special travel promotion.
❤ Let’s meet at the Vietnamese good & Tourism week in Thailand 2018 from 22 to 26 August, 2018 – @ Central Court/ Eden 1 AND BEACON 2
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Credit: Central Group page và Photography team.


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